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tv   [untitled]    October 27, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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vehicle registration fees funds which will come before the board next month. similarly, we have two projects that the caltrans depot at forest. the first is a quick fix. caltrans is securing a new vendor and bikes are just stacked up. there's a longer term study to see other fixes. maybe expanding the footprint of the station. second street, i don't need to mention since we just had a presentation. if you're interested, plans and programs on sfgtv. we have it listed as a bike project with input from the mta and the community.
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the treatment of the bike facility, covering market, sorry, second street between market and king. i will flag as the executive director mentioned. applications for 1 bay area grant funds are due at the end of the month. d.p.w. will submit this for obag funding. another one i want to mention because it's starting to kick off is prop k funded several years ago, an annallocation. that grant was received and done really before the m.t.a. and city realized they needed a complete streets bond. i believe a couple weeks ago, the m.t.a. kicked off community
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comprehensive planning and walking tours and all sorts of efforts to try to coordinate pedestrian count downs from union to market street. keep an eye out for further input on that. another one of the bicycle projects included in prop k allocation is the long awaited market and valencia street gap projects which deals with accommodating a left turn. i won't go into the details, but the good news is construction should start this month. a couple of the pedestrian safety projects in this district, the first one at tenderloin safe routes to school is a federal project just under a million dollars awarded to the m.t.a. you can see the description on
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the scope. we are waiting for m.t.a. schedule and the design funds were just obligated in june. this project should get going in full swing very soon. one project i will mention is a regional transportation for liveable grants cities for the alley ways, includes frees and crosswalks. it was originally awarded to mtc. thank you for reprogramming these so we wouldn't lose the funds for redevelopment. i won't go into a lot of details on the next few slides. there are signal and sign projects within the district or on the borders. franklin and gosselin, providing information to the public. not super interesting infrastructure improvements but
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these will enable better management for the traffic on all modes and pedestrian count down smalls. that will follow some of the paving work for prop b bonds. somewhat similar here, sfgo van ness will have count down signals. then there's another project that actually is getting close to being completed. emergency vehicle priority system in the tenderloin. it's about to be put on the ground. wrapping this up, this is one we flipped a coin and decided whether it was city wide or district six. on powell, one of many state of repair are all the water leaks.
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we don't need to explain why that is needed. construction should be done by january 2014. bart hit a couple bumps in the road given the hot temperatures in the subway tunnel. probably of more interest to the public are the escalators. mta is responsible for some of the muni stations and bart is responsible for others. this deals with the muni escalators. both phases of project really experienced delays for a number of reasons from biamerica to funding issues. they are now moving forward. we got one of escalators done. another one is being worked on now. the slide shows a whole bunch if district six that will be the subject of phase two which will start construction in january 2014. with that, unless the commissioners have questions, we
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can move quickly through the city-wide nontransit projects. >> commissioner kim, did you have a >> no. >> okay. >> the city-wide nontransit covers bike, head and transportation demand, management projects. i will note some of these when the authority board approves the pop k allocations has a list of locations that are candidates but haven't been selected, either mta or public works has to prioritize them. i will take this second to remind the board that as part of the voter approved prop k spender plan, the board approves all these categories, curb ramps and tree repair. approval of prioritization
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eligibility and a list of projects. we will start that in early 2013. the very briefly among the city-wide projects we can currently funded over a thousand bicycle racks, bless you, and mta is working on a long-term bike storage effort as well. prop k explicitly allows funding for safety education and outreach to encourage folks to cycle in the city. listed are a number of annual programs and our transportation fund for clean air revenues support. these are typically lead by the department of environment. one project that is flagged on your hand out for delivery issues is being led by the air
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district. this is the regional bike share project. i won't cover this. but it's a 12 to 24-month pilot program being done in the south bay select locations on the peninsula to test out bike sharing. i think the air district is experiencing the challenges we face with multiple sponsors. it's not going as fast as we can. we have dug into it a little bit. we are worried about cost controls for staff support cost and can report that the sfmta staff has been diligent in locating space. i think we are well positioned to get our bike sharing part of project out quickly. pedestrian projects, these are ones that we will have locations in each district. we have a larger list that i asked to be determined locations on curb ramps, what you see
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here, this is last year's allocation at 175 curb ramps. these have an independent of coordination with other projects. one of actions is approving dpw to kirkham. they were own 200 ramps in that. on traffic calming, >> i have a question. >> commissioner. >> for curb ramps not associated with other projects, i have noticed that when these are done the curbs are torn up to be rebuilt. i don't see belts going in there. it seems like if we're tearing up these corners and having to rebuild the curbs, why we're doing that without putting bulb. >> i will follow up with public works on that.
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>> i do know those tend to be the ones done in isolation, actually it's an excellent question. in traffic calming, i want to flag quickly, there's two program-level planning efforts. one was a subject of a presentation last week. this is an overall traffic calming. the application community-driven local street space or neighborhood local space. local neighborhood traffic calming you are familiar with. there's an arterial track. most of the resources have gone toward the traffic calming. mta for a variety of reasons,
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not least of which has to be with the ped safety task force as the primary location where there's been safety issues is thinking of shifting most of traffic calming resources toward the arterials. so the second project on the screen here is about sort of rebalancing the traffic calming program, which is almost entirely funded by prop k. this will come to you in the december, january time frame. looking at changes of criteria and how you want to shift the funding. the top one is again about those arterials. one of reasons we haven't focussed on is cost. what are the biggest bang for the buck to reduce speed. so we don't --
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>> if you could please allow the meeting to continue. you will have an opportunity to speak during public comment. >> please continue. >> again, city-wide, safe routes to school. we briefed the committee on this before. the education outreach activities at 15 elementaries being led by the department of public health. one of the pieces of money includes an additional safe routes to school and anticipate that will involve a continuation and upgrade the next generation of outreach on safe routes to school. we will do a call for project. pedestrian safety, i will just remind you that the authority approved $850,000 in enhancement for city-wide efforts. it's good we approved that this
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year. m.t.a. is seeking allocations to begin this in january 2013. last few slides, these are kind of boring projects, but very essential projects. the top one enables m.t.a. to do striping. they are funded by prop k. the last few slides are all about transportation demand. trying to offer alternatives and education incentives to get folks to travel from single automatic to bikes and peds. we have always taken the lead on electric vehicles. the first project, the authority was the grant recipient on behalf of car share. this is making city car share more green. we support the sf ride matching
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for schools and commuters to the city. this is the 511 you can dial on your phone. the last one is too complicated to go into. there was a presentation at plans and programs last week. this has a lot to do with trying to use the existing private and public dollars that go toward tdm and building partnerships. covering from shuttles to new ways to deal with the transportation management association. sometimes they are required by the development to do a better job at t.d.m. with that, i will stop right there. >> thank you very much. ms. lombardo. want to thank staff for your work. the purpose of the presentations
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is to give the members of commission and the public the way their tax dollars are spent. it allows us to have a dialogue in making sure the most efficient work is done. commissioner kim. >> i just have come comments. the diversity of the transit work we do. around ped safety or bike lanes. i think a couple things i will highlight. i'm excited about the work we're doing around our schools. district six only has three public schools, soon only two actually because marshall elementary will be in chairman campos's district. or betsy car michael or marshall
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on 15th and mission. those areas are close to freeway ramps and heavy corridors. excited about the work to increase safety. whether the home zone or safe routes to school. the safe passages program. if you have noticed the yellow brick roads. this is a project with the boys and girls club. the cbd along with the mta to really highlight some of the streets for our kids first. we will have corner captains that are volunteering throughout the week to shepherd our kids from the bus stops to after school projects. i'm excited about the soma alley, i'm glad that's locked in and hopefully to fund now the
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design is done of the alley ways. i am excited to make that a part of our filipino and lgbt social cultural district. the bike racks at civic center bart station will be important as we see more businesses on mid- market and very excited about second street. of course, as we have more residents and continue to grow in terms of residential development. to the concerns that i want to highlight for the board, i have already brought this up with the t.a. and m.t.a. is our van ness brt and completing our little saigon progress. it's an amazing design that's come out of the t.a.. as we're concerned about the future of cpmc and the development agreement going
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through, we may lose and critical funding for it is saigon and the van ness better traffic. i hope we start to think about an alternative fund in case that does not go through. i want to thank the t.a. for that great presentation. >> thank you, commissioner kim. thank you for raising those concerns. why don't we open up to public comment. i have a speaker card from roland lebron. >> good afternoon and thank you for this opportunity. i have some slides. my name is roland. i am from san jose.
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i support the caltrans and address you on the $2 billion estimate. south of market and second street in particular. specifically the construction of a massive covered tunnel. 50 feet wide and 60 feet deep. i believe there is a better solution. such as a twin tower several to london central line east of stratford international. a major barier to this proposal is the current train design not deep enough to enable machines in a dense urban environment. the only solution is to extend
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the train park another 40 feet to a depth of 100 feet for the time being at the cost of $500 million including the cost of the tunnel. last week, the tjpa approved package tg06 which will drive 1800 [inaudible] thereby closing the last door open to tunnel boring machines and condemning the citizens of san francisco to the price tag. i urge you to stop micropiling as we evaluate alternatives. there's a big difference this time because we would be looking at saving $2 billion instead of throwing an additional billion dollars out of alignment. in closing, i believe that the $2 million savings should be more than enough to fund a
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connection between the east bay. thereby turning the terminal into a true station in excess of 100,000 passengers a day. with only four platforms. once this is complete, should be no need for the shallow platform and the level could be turned over to commercial tenants. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> the presentation that we heard. put my time.
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commissioners, that was here, there and everywhere. you kind of think when you have a presentation that's like that, it does, i don't know who is does a favor to. for sure it doesn't do a favor to constituents who are astute. there may be people who think we're badgering, but we have this diatribe that goes nowhere. we bring guests okay, visitors come and there's grid lock. complete with pictures. and here we have four agencies, one of the many people involved is the board of supervisors. you all should have a focus group. you should demand from the agencies some short term and long-term goals.
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don't say, we have a project manager here. she's really nice and whatever. but if you cannot deliver, then you have on get out of the way. or maybe the head of department has to get out of the way or maybe a memo has to be sent to him. market street is a mess. we have construction, we have people that want bicycles to any to market street. we have all these tourist buses. hop on and hop off. y'all don't even care. just look at the intersection of third street and market. van ness and market. 5th and market. grid lock. i have pictures pedestrians just go any which way because they have to go somewhere. over car, in between buses.
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i know you have seen it with your eyes. you don't want to speak to reality. if you want to represent, good leaders know the way, show the way and go the way. if you want to represent, do the right thing. hold people accountable. hold the mayor accountable. hold twitter accountable. hold the supervisors giving them breaks accountable. hold somebody accountable for many pedestrians that have died. hold them accountable. get the police chief here. the head of departments here and hold them thank you very much. >> thank you. sir. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon >> supervisors, garbage transportation authority. yes. i always notice one supervisor
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gets and walks out and the other is eating lunch. shows the caliber of people here. absolute garbage. that's the root of the problem. president of the board of supervisors says, 10 years, nothing seems to happen. it's called progressive politics. nothing happens because you're trying to ram things down people's throats they don't want how do we move forward in this city, the city of san francisco that does not work. that's really when the board of supervisors and city is invested in. making the city not work because it's only agenda is diversity.
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we want it to be more diverse. the problem with that is, the worse city. why don't you want people in these jobs that know what they're doing, instead of women and minorities. people that don't know what they're doing because just of your politics. yes, can you see that? everywhere i look, there's an idiot in the office. in the president to the board of supervisors. pelosi, what are grandmas doing running this state? >> i would ask the speaker to focus on the subject matter >> everywhere you look, there's an incompetent idiot in the office. thank you. i city that doesn't work. why? becau
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because -- you can get a bathroom built in the park. yes, you're absolutely you know what. thank you. next speaker, the beauty of free speech, people can say the most hateful things but still say them. >> i thought you went through red tape through castro to get hiv testing and there's a lot of red tape here. anyway, i just wanted to speak on sixth street because i live in the tenderloin. i have lived here 15, 16 years. most of time i have been living here. i have been here 23 years. the thing is and i bring it up at the community meetings. we need bicycle signs. i am beginning to hate them.
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they need, they need to hurry up and put something down at sixth and market. i'm not worrying about the cars and buses. but what's going on, the buses can get to one side or the other. that prevents the bicyclists from seeing if somebody is crossing the street when i have the right-of-way because i learned not to jay walk because of bicyclists. they don't have a sign saying stop here on red. they just keep on going even though the stop sign is up. i have been saying this over and over again. and i'm getting to point where i'm going to start kicking them. kicking the bicyclists because i can't get a license plate and report it down there or something like that. it's getting ridiculous. i know y'all are all for bicycle and lanes and spending all this money on that stuff.
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i don't care what you spend the money on. just put some signs up because it's getting ridiculous. thank you. >> thank you, sir. next speaker. >> the san francisco bicycle coalition. i wanted to come up here and talk about one of the many projects that wasn't talked about today. including second street and want to echo concerns about the project being delayed yet again. this is a situation where we have a study within a study, which is usually not a great situation to be in. we support the work that this body is doing to try to move that project forward and thank you for your concern there. i also want to point out that the maintenance continues to be an issue for bicycle facilities. there needs to be better signage and marking many